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    Who should be contacted in matters concerning the UPWr base of knowledge substantial issues?

    If you have any questions regarding the functioning of UPWr Base of Knowledge and the use of its functionalities, please do not hesitate to contact us: or call us 71 320-5443.

    How often is the employees data and disciplines updated on UPWr base of knowledge?

    Employees data and disciplines are based on human resources and payroll department weekly reports and are updated every week.

    How can I log into the UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    The UPWr Base of Knowledge can be accessed by UPWr employees who have their author profiles created in the UPWr Base of Knowledge. The login data are analogous to those for EOD and TETA systems. Any problems with logging in should be reported to

    Publication submission

    I am a new employee and i would like to submit a publication. How can i do it?

    If you would like to submit a publication, please email us on please attache to the message a scan/copy of the material or a link to the full text.

    What information should be supplied to properly submit a publication to UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    Descriptions of publications (scientific activities) are entered into the UPWr Base of Knowledge from the autopsy. In order to enter publication the access to original/digital copy or sources of information on scientific activity/achievement is necessary. These required sources do not include the author's version.

    Is it possible to submit a publication written without having worked at UPWr or affiliated with another university?

    Yes it is. The publication will appear in the UPWr Base of Knowledge with an affiliation compatible with the source.

    Can an in press publication be submitted to the UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    Yes, but only if the publication is already available online. The „in press” publications in the UPWr Base of Knowledge are marked accordingly in the publication category. Until full publishing attributes (journal number/volume) are received, the score of publication is 0.

    I have submitted a publication but I do not see it in the UPWr Base of Knowledge as yet.

    Before being made visible in the UPWr Base of Knowledge, each new record is verified again. Therefore, even though the publication has already been entered into the base, it will only be visible there after its final approval.

    In the list received from the library, publication XYZ does not appear even though I have submitted it.

    Reports generated by the library are based on data from the UPWr Base of Knowledge as of a given date. The reports do not always include the full author's scientific accomplishments (various criteria are taken into account when preparing them, e.g. only punctuated publications). Before asking for any missing works, please check your profile in the UPWr Base of Knowledge, where you can find the full list of achievements reported and entered in the upwr base of knowledge.

    I have noticed an error in the description of a publication. Where can I report it?

    Descriptions requiring correction should be sent or

    Activities reporting

    is it possible to submit received distinctions and recognitions to the UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    Yes, these will appear in the author's profile under 'Achievements summary'. To apply, please send an e-mail to: In your message, please send a scan of your diploma or other acknowledgement of the distinction and a link to the page with additional information about the distinction/achievement.

    Author's profile

    I would like to add a photo to my profile. How can I do this?

    To do so, please send a photo along with your consent (docx, 15.7 kb) to (DOCX, 14,3 KB | PDF, 515 KB) to

    My profile is not linked to orcid, google scholar, scopus, etc.

    If there is no visible connection, please contact us:

    What information can I edit in my account at UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    In one's account, it is possible, among other things, to edit personal contact details, information about consultations and a biographical note.

    Why only a part of my work is visible in the UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    The UPWr Base of Knowledge contains publications from 2013 onwards. Earlier publications can be viewed in the UPWr employee publications database. Publications from earlier years are successively entered to the UPWr Base of Knowledge. Individual requests to supplement the achievements should be sent to:

    The H-index on my profile is out of date. What can I do about it?

    We attempt to regularly refresh the citations and hirsch indexes in the author profiles. If you notice any discrepancies, please feel free to contact us at

    Publication XYZ has an incorrect scoring.

    Grading of publications in the UPWr Base of Knowledge is based on the algorithm provided by the manufacturer of Omega Psir software. In the case of ambiguity in the visible scoring, please send information to See also – scoring of publications in the UPWr Base of Knowledge (PDF, 241 KB).

    How can I generate an achievements report?

    The output report can be generated from the author's profile in the UPWr Base of Knowledge by selecting the "output report" button. There is a simple report wizard (allowing you to generate a list of publications with scores) and an advanced report wizard (allowing you to personalise the report).


    How to assign a discipline to a publication in the UPWr Base of Knowledge?

    Disciplines to a publications can be assigned by logged-in upwr employees. Please see the tutorials: Instruction (PDF, 1,37 MB) and instructional video.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any regarding queries.


    Discipline assignment correction can be done after cancelling the statement. See also instructions for changing discipline assignments (PDF, 842 KB).

    Percentage declaration


    It does not, according to the Rector of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences communication No. 1/2022 dated January 31, 2022, the percentage statement has been rescinded.


    How to add publications from the UPWr Base of Knowledge to ORCiD profile?

    To add a publication from the UPWr Base of Knowledge to ORCiD profile follow the instructions (PDF, 458 KB). You may also use other methods to complete ORCiD – see more (PDF, 1,68 MB).

    Publication funding

    How is it possible to acquire funding for publishing?

    Information on funding for publications at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences is provided by the secretary of the Main Library of UPWr See also applications for publication funding and open access publishing programmes on the library website.

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