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Science discipline profile

agriculture and horticulture

Agricultural sciences

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Research topics:

  • optimizing crop production in different farming systems
  • genetic and molecular basis of cultivation of farming crops and methods of seed material enrichment
  • the impact of mineral and organic fertilization on crops and the chemical composition of plants – including soil fertility, environmental protection and plant response to stress factors
  • improving the acquisition and processing of plant and animal products in terms of obtaining the highest quality product, with reference to rationalization of energy expenditure and waste management
  • improving the production technology of horticultural plants in various cultivation conditions, including, for example, harvest in different seasons, optimization of fertilization, irrigation, the use of covers, the use of new rootstock, growth regulators, biostimulators, and the assessment of the usefulness of decorative plant taxa for green areas
  • the dynamics of soil processes in various bio-ecological conditions and their impact on the natural environment
  • microorganisms and fauna in their natural environment, agro-ecosystems in urban areas and human economy
  • research on flora, vegetation and the functioning of natural and anthropogenically variable ecosystems
  • directions of socio-economic changes, with particular emphasis on the food sector and rural areas

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences has the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in agricultural sciences for the discipline of agriculture and horticulture.

Keywords: academic degrees, research, agriculture, gardening, plant production, horticultural production, fertilization, soil, flora, fauna, microorganisms, socioeconomic changes

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