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Science discipline profile

social and economic geography and spatial management

Social sciences

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Topics of research papers in the discipline:

  • rational spatial management, monitoring and forecasting socio-economic phenomena, policies for sustainable development based on the best available, interdisciplinary knowledge and practice
  • resilience of socio-environmental systems and adaptation to climate change
  • management of natural resources and the landscape
  • housing management and the real estate market
  • local government management; territorial social systems
  • multi-factor rural development
  • assessing quality of life and measuring the ecological footprint of cities and regions
  • ecosystem services, environmental value and ecological loss
  • resource management and the circular economy
  • assessing the development potential of suburban zones
  • socio-economic and institutional determinants of local food production, green supply chains, urban foodshed
  • demographic change and the problems of an aging society
  • social, economic and environmental determinants for the development of tourism
  • perception of space and the environment
  • the urban soundscape and the sonic environment in areas of significant natural value
  • decision-making tools supporting spatial management and socio-economic analysis; spatial analysis and modelling
  • data science, methods and tools in social data science.

Keywords: social and environmental systems, management of natural resources, ecological footprint, ecosystem services, local government, sustainable development, measuring quality of life, the circular economy, local food, demographic changes, IT systems for spatial and economic analysis, social data science

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