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Science discipline profile

animal science and fisheries

Agricultural sciences

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Topics of research papers in the discipline:

  • improving the breeding and performance value of cattle, swine, poultry, sheep and horses
  • environmental hygiene and welfare of farmed and wild animals, including protection of the farmed and natural environment
  • intensification of production of livestock species and bees
  • genetic and population screening of animals
  • feed additives in livestock farming
  • research on how animal nutrition can control the immune system, the health and quality of animal products and minimise the emission of metabolites to the environment
  • bioinformatics - (big) data analysis
  • evaluation and development of poultry meat quality (including health promoting properties), nutritional value and sensory qualities
  • creating innovative meat and egg products
  • modern methods of biopreservation and prolonging the freshness of meat
  • conditions for fish farming

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences is authorised to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in: agricultural sciences, animal husbandry and fisheries

Keywords: livestock, companion animals, wild animals, endangered species, animal husbandry, animal hygiene and welfare, protection of livestock and natural environment, ecological husbandry, ecological feed, legal aspects of domestic animal breeding, animal physiology, food safety, animal preventive care, animal physiotherapy, animal ethology, fisheries, ecotoxicology, bioinformatics, molecular cell biology, population genetics, feed additives, biocarbon, mobile chicken coops, organic feed, dietary supplements

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