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veterinary science

Agricultural sciences

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Research topics:

  • molecular mechanisms of animal diseases and the applications of new therapeutic methods
  • microbial threats to food safety
  • molecular background of microorganism pathogenicity
  • evaluation of the immunotropic and antitumor activity of natural and synthetic compounds in spontaneous and established cell lines in vitro and in animal models
  • population modeling of drug pharmacokinetics in animals
  • application of high-throughput techniques in molecular and clinical diagnostics
  • advanced research on the physiological conditions of the body’s functioning
  • the use of modern clinical diagnostics techniques in veterinary medicine
  • research on animal health and productivity
  • studies of contemporary infectious diseases
  • reproduction and neonatology of domestic and wild animals
  • advanced biotechnology of reproduction, including endangered species
  • translational research of human disease in animal models
  • tissue engineering with the use of animal models
  • immunological aspects of animal health protection
  • companion and wild animals’ pathology

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences has the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in agricultural sciences for the discipline of veterinary science.

Keywords: veterinary, production animals, companion animals, wild animals, endangered species, animal physiology and pathology, animal diseases, epizootiology, microbiology, innovative diagnostic tools, modern surgical techniques, innovative therapies, clinical prophylaxis and immunology, molecular studies, pharmacology, assisted reproductive techniques, food safety, livestock production, genetic engineering, experimental oncology

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