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Science discipline profile

environmental engineering, mining and energy

Engineering and technology

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Research topics:

  • shaping and protection of water resources in agricultural, forest and urban areas
  • identification of water circulation processes in the soil – plant – atmosphere system
  • techniques and technologies for increasing the efficiency of improving and protecting the quality of surface and groundwater
  • improvement of wastewater treatment methods, with particular emphasis on non-urbanized and protected areas as well as specific pollutants
  • hydrodynamic modeling of water supply and sewage networks
  • hydrological modeling in river catchments in terms of integrated water management, flood protection and water retention
  • research on transport of pollutants, river rubble and sedimentation in rivers and water reservoirs, as well as morphological changes in watercourse beds and river valleys
  • physical modeling of water structures and devices
  • revitalization of anthropogenically degraded water reservoirs
  • rainwater management in urban catchments
  • green and blue infrastructure of urbanized and rural areas in the context of adaptation to climate change and minimizing its effects
  • low-waste and non-waste technologies and alternative use of waste
  • research on energy independence, diversification of energy production in rural and urbanized areas from alternative sources, including organic waste (biodegradable waste and food waste), water, energy crops, biomass from rapidly growing tree species, wind and sun
  • decentralized systems of production and storage of electricity from renewable sources in various forms to increase its availability without negative impact on the operation of the power grid
  • new technologies for the conversion of biomass to energy and its carriers, including multi-fuel low-temperature reactors, conversion of organic waste to hydrogen and CO2 sequestration
  • reclamation of post-mining and post-industrial areas and the anthropogenic landscape shaping
  • protection of the atmosphere and modeling of air pollution
  • environmental impact of investments in the field of environmental engineering, mining and energetics
  • observation of natural and anthropogenic phenomena using satellite techniques and spatial information systems, assessing the state of the environment and forecasting the effects of human activity
  • mathematical modeling of environmental processes
  • management of the environment, spatial resources, safety and public health for the systemic concept of sustainable development
  • legal, economic and social research and analyzes related to developing technologies and activities in the area of discipline

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences has the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in engineering and technology for the discipline of environmental engineering, mining and energy.

Keywords: water, sewage, waste, water drainage, retention, retention reservoirs, water management, atmosphere, water devices, waterworks, sewers, biomass, energy, climate, waste-free technologies

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