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nutrition and food technology

Agricultural sciences

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Research topics:

  • the use of less popular raw fruit materials for the production of items with increased health value
  • searching for new sources of plant nutraceuticals to be used in the prevention of civilization diseases
  • identification of the composition and characterization of secondary metabolites of plants
  • selecting optimal methods for preservation of bioactive compounds and nutraceuticals using various methods of drying, encapsulation and determining their bioavailability in in vitro and in vivo tests in various food matrices
  • improving the technology of processing fruit powders
  • determining the influence of raw materials and technological factors on the physico-chemical and sensory properties of snacks
  • potato bioactive and toxic compounds and their transformations in technological processes
  • preparation, purification and modification of vegetable proteins, including by-products of the food industry
  • modifications of starch for food purposes (resistant starch with prebiotic and texturizing properties) and non-food purposes
  • modifications of bread and pasta production technology in order to improve functional and nutritional characteristics
  • determining the content of toxic trace elements and minerals in various food products
  • the quality and safety of food of animal origin, taking into account unconventional preservation techniques and the use of biologically active substances
  • the use of traditional and unconventional raw materials for the production of fermented beverages with high antioxidant potential
  • valorization of food industry waste with the use of edible strains of filamentous fungi
  • the use of by-products in fermentation processes with the use of unconventional yeast (Yarrowia lypolitica) to obtain natural sweeteners, SCO and other biologically active compounds with potential use in the production of food and dietary supplements
  • bioactive biocomposites based on natural hydrocolloids as coatings protecting raw materials and products during storage
  • isolation of biologically active substances from raw animal materials and their use to protect the health of animals and humans
  • chemical and enzymatic modifications of natural phospholipids
  • synthesis of new aromas and flavors along with the analysis of the aroma profile
  • sensory analysis and food consumer research
  • determining the influence of nutrients on human metabolism
  • monitoring the nutritional status of various social groups in terms of identifying nutritional hazards

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences has the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in agricultural sciences for the discipline of nutrition and food technology.

Keywords: functional food, nutraceuticals, polyphenols, bioactive compounds, unconventional yeast, fermented beverages, food safety, nutritional hazards, nutrigenomics, by-products, modern food processing methods, sensory analysis, foodomics, aromatic compounds, food preservation

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